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About the Content Squad

Social media can be a real time-suck when you’re trying to do everything yourself, from researching and writing posts to finding and resizing the images.

Not everyone has the budget for full social management, and we wanted to find a way we can help take away some of the pressure without it breaking the bank. So, we put our heads together and came up with the Content Squad – a way you can quickly get a piece of industry expertise on to your social media once a week.

We give you the words, imagery, and hashtags – all you have to do is pop it on your social media and press publish. DONE!


What you get when you become a part of The Content Squad

Social media for estate agents with digital experts

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Our Content

This is not just content, this is Social Angels content.

Our property industry experience + our word nerdery makes for excellent Estate and Letting Agent communications.

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