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Social media marketing means being social:

We say this lots, and the reason we say it lots, is because it’s true:

There’s no magic trick, or one weird secret to get you loads of followers. It takes effort, patience, and buy-in from your team to make it a roaring success and get you seeing an increasing return on your investment. When we started working with Dawsons Property in June 2018, we knew immediately that they were fully prepared to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in with us from the get-go, and their results speak for themselves.

Dawsons have a BESPOKE PACKAGE with us, which means that we really do consider ourselves part of their team, we are in contact most days and have weekly scheduling and monthly content planning meetings.  

Their marketing manager Naomi Webborn joins our weekly zoom meeting where we discuss local and national trends and ensure that the content we are planning for the coming week is spot on!  We love working with Dawsons, they really value the work we do, they are all invested in building their digital presence and they believe in us.

Dawsons are really enthusiastic about working with us on their digital marketing offering – their success is truly a team effort, and we love working with them. From the day we started working on their social accounts, we have built a tremendous relationship with the entire team, visiting regularly, really getting to know the team members and the directors, and having a complete understanding of their vision, their voice, and their ethos. In order for us to become genuine team members, we needed to know how their thought processes worked, and this has grown stronger and stronger every day of our journey together.

Main objectives:

  • An increase in followers across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • To become the local experts for “all things property” – now “all things virtual” which is their brand tag-line
  • An increase in engagement across their social media platforms
  • Promotion of their traditional auctions (now online auctions due to Covid-19) and gaining new instructions
  • To increase their Reward Card scheme by building strong connections with other local businesses

Bespoke social media management by JP Gardner and Associates for Dawsons Estate Agents Bespoke social media management by JP Gardner and Associates for Dawsons Estate Agents Bespoke social media management by JP Gardner and Associates for Dawsons Estate AgentsHave a look at the work we do for Dawsons‘ social media by following the links below.

Callum Thomas, ex-Auction Manager for Dawsons

Naomi Webborn, Marketing Manager for Dawsons


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