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We have just launched a new WordPress website for Homelink Lettings:

A lettings and property management agency spanning the England and Wales border, catering for the PRS in England and in Wales!

      • 27 published pages with full SEO
      • 3 published blog articles
      • 7 call to action forms
      • 327 Geotagged images with Alt Text

Take a look inside

We hope you love it as much as we do!

What made working with Homelink so different?

When we originally started working with Amalia, she had just paid a website company to launch a brand new site for her letting agency. She was rightly horrified to find that the site went LIVE with absolutely no content on the majority of the pages. Must admit, have never come across such a terrible service before and really felt bad for her, so agreed to write the content for 10 website pages and add this to the ’empty website frame’ that I was given the admin log-in details for.

The image below is how the Homelink Lettings website looked on the homepage before we built the new style site. Everything was very dark, the overbearing colour was purple with a black overlay.  A lot of the text was white over the purple background and the images were small and rather unimaginative!

Initially, I was pleased that it was a WordPress website framework but once I started to use the site I realised it was an Elementor ‘drag & drop’ version which really lacks a lot of the functionality available on our own websites!  So by the end of 2022, I had managed to do my best with the original website, I had used my own SEO program to try and get the keywords into the content and had uploaded some imagery (all tagged), and thought my work was done.

By March 2023 Amalia was back in touch, she wanted a brand new website!  I must admit I COULD NOT WAIT to get going and really did not blame her for already hating the site she had to promote her business.  Amalia’s agency is very reliant on her online presence and the functionality of her current site was not great, the overall SEO was pretty poor and it just did not look aesthetically pleasing to her online visitors.

I already had 10 pages of content that I had written and now I would get the chance to set it into a great website framework, add some structure and flow, source great imagery, and really make the site sing with its SEO functionality.   One of the most important aspects of our websites is that they can continue to grow and adapt each day.  If a new page is needed, or a landing page for an ad with a call to action, it can be built and live in an hour.

It has been a pleasure working with Amalia and Homelink, and I just feel so sorry that she paid for another website before she found us.

Visit the new Homelink website: Here

One challenge we faced …

As a Level-4 Propertymark examiner for Residential Lettings and Property Management, it was no trouble at all to fill content pages for Renting a Property in England, for the new website. However, as I mentioned above, Homelink covers England and Wales, so I had to put my study head on and get to grips with the Rent Smart Wales legislation before I could write the content for the Welsh section of the website. It was great to learn all about the different rental system in Wales, Homelink covers Newport in South Wales and run up the M4 corridor back to Chepstow.

How to rent a property in England and in Wales by the Social Angels content writing teamHow to rent a property in Wales





New website launch for Homelink Lettings in Chepstow and Newport


Website design, content writing and SEO services for Homelink letting agents UK

One of the reasons our websites are so popular is the effort we put into our SEO. We use a plug-in called Rank Math Pro and ensure that every page or post that we publish for our clients is in the GREEN ZONE. This means that Google and search engines have a clear understanding of the page content and the type of audience who would be searching for the website.

Within a month of launching, you should see your website coming up on page one of any Google incognito search for your keywords and key phrases. Many of our website competitors will not write the content for you, and you will be expected to spend weeks filling the pages with your words, which are not likely to incorporate good SEO practices.

Using a website company who have decades of estate and letting agency experience, who can write to level 4 standard, and who uses a fabulous search engine optimisation package, means you will get more traffic, more leads and, ultimately, more business. Website designers are NOT the same, so make sure you choose wisely!

Find out more about our website-building services here:

Website Package Terms and Conditions

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