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The story of the Lets Rent Bristol new website

On 24th May I had a zoom meeting with a gentleman called Adil, who is the owner of a letting agency in Bristol, and he was looking for a new website. At that time Adil had contacted a number of well-known estate agency web designers but felt that everything was very “samey” and he so wanted his new website to stand out from the crowd.

Adil wanted to incorporate video content onto the website banners and to make the page look slightly different we incorporated a curved banner rather than a standard slider. While the website was being designed, all of the content was researched and written, Adil was informed every step of the way and was delighted when he saw the final proof prior to launch.

Lets Rent Bristol response when saw their new estate agency website for the first time

Lets Rent Bristol launched on 1st November – please do not be put off by the length of time the build took – this was agreed in advance to spread out the cost and also to allow Lets Rent to get their video content filmed when the weather was good. When we design and build a website we can work to your speed, we have managed to turn around a completely bespoke website from scratch in 6 weeks, and that website won the Sunday Times Estate Agency Website of the Year award, but it did mean that the cost was higher to incorporate the late nights and weekends of content writing! As a rule of thumb we prefer to work to a 4 month plan, and that means you can divide the cost of the build and content writing over that period of time.

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