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Get reel: The rise of video in social media marketing5 Oct 2021

Video in social media marketing has been steadily growing in importance over the last few years, but the pandemic has really seen it catapult in popularity when it comes to digital marketing.

Compared to 78% in 2016, 92% of marketers rank the use of video marketing as one of the key parts of their strategy in 2021. It’s been incredibly effective at increasing ROI (return on investment), especially when used strategically in advertising, and the average person now racks up 100 minutes of online video-watching per day! 

Short form video content

If we take a look at platforms such as TikTok and Instagram (reels, specifically) which are completely visual in nature. So many accounts on TikTok are of small businesses showing how something is made or companies giving a behind the scenes look that their customers wouldn’t normally get to see. 

This kind of marketing helps to engage and build relationships with prospective customers. Similarly with reels on Instagram, short snippets of video are used to bring an experience to someone from the comfort of their own home. The great thing about the clips being short, is that it lets you hold someone’s attention for a short amount of time, rather than losing them after only a couple of minutes of a longer video. This increases the chances of a return to your feed or page. 


Since the pandemic, video marketing has seen a spike in its effectiveness as it’s an accessible way for consumers to have an experience from the comfort of their own home. It can provide a sense of entertainment and although it still needs to be carefully planned, can have an off the cuff element to it too. Just think about your own figures of virtual tours, or Facebook live tours around your properties! It allows people to see more in a shorter space of time, and saves your time, too.

So why video?

As humans we are a visually receptive species. We enjoy scrolling through our phones watching videos that capture our attention. The shorter the video the better actually; studies have shown that 15 seconds is the optimum length for a video. A short video can cling to the memory of the watcher better than an article or a lengthy word post without visuals, so it’s definitely worth considering video in your marketing plan for those who prefer it as a medium – especially as so many people have discovered how much they enjoy it, during the pandemic.

How can I use video in social media marketing?

The chances are that you’re already using video to some degree with it becoming a requirement during the pandemic. 

Our advice though, is don’t lose that momentum! Take the idea of virtual tours, and think about how else you can carry them out to garner interest. Can you conduct a live property viewing on Facebook, and invite people who express interest? They can ask questions while you show them around the property. 

Complement what you do already

We’ve also had great success working with Swansea-based Estate Agent, Dawsons Property on their online auction strategy. When there’s a property of interest, we’ll go live with them and talk through the process, watching the last few minutes of bidding – this has led to multiple auction sales and purchases from people who hadn’t previously considered buying or selling property via auction. 

Try something new

Or, why not really go for it, and think about how you might use 15 second videos on TikTok to answer questions for landlords, buyers, and those interested in first-time property investing – it’s a relatively new platform so easy to build organic engagement, and it’s filled with so much more than people doing daft little dances (although those are fun, too). 

If you’d like a helping hand with video content ideas, or for someone to help implement video into your digital marketing strategy on an ongoing basis, we’d love to help. Fill in the form below, and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss how to get your content seen online.


Katie is a Freelance Copywriter living in rural Dorset with her daft old Labrador. She first started writing content for the property industry back in 2015, and loves nothing more than bringing brand voices to life!

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