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Get your brand into your market every weekday, consistently

Social media and digital marketing for estate agents and letting agents

Over the years we have been running social media accounts for estate agents, letting agents and property industry people all over the UK. We have learned a lot:

  1. Not everybody has the passion that we have for marketing (and that is fair enough)
  2. Many agents just want to have a presence on social media to keep their brand out in the ether but have zero time (or inclination to do it themselves)
  3. You’re just too busy moving people into their new homes, to find time to make social media posts, which is, of course, the main aim of your job!

However, we truly believe that every single estate or letting agent SHOULD be posting each weekday on social media AS AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM, so, we’ve put together this template social media package to satisfy those who do not want a “social marketing team member on the payroll” or a fully bespoke approach to their social media marketing.

What is a template social media package?

  • Every month we make a batch of content for the agencies who are on our “No Waffle” social media package.
  • We will change these posts into your brand kit: your logo, your colours, and your fonts.
  • We will post on your social channels, Facebook & Instagram, every weekday.
  • Posts will follow a set guide each week.
  • Posts will be scheduled in advance.


ONLY £247.00 PCM

This covers Facebook & Instagram… BUT…

You can add other platforms (Linkedin, Twitter, X (TikTok), Threads, Google Business)

to your package £97 pcm* each platform


So what will you get?

  • A daily post on your Facebook newsfeed and Instagram newsfeed scheduled for when your followers are active
  • All posts will be formatted with your brand colours, fonts and logos, but these are not unique to you, they use stock images
  • Zero effort on your part, however, the posts will follow a similar format each week
  • Gives you a consistent presence on the 2 most popular social media platforms every weekday
  • You will have the option to add additional posts or other content by contacting your account manager and these will be invoiced at the end of the month
  • If you have a Meta Ad Account you can request for any post to be boosted


For all of our social media packages, there is a set-up charge of £147 per platform.  All social media contracts will incur a final fee of £97 per platform at the end of the contract, in order to return platform authority to the company.

Social Media Template



Looking for a more bespoke package?

If you really do not want to “share” content with other agencies and want to effectively have a “social team member” on board – then you need to check out our BESPOKE SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGES.  These are where you really will excel on your platforms because we will be on hand every day to schedule, plan, research and ensure that your posts are 100% unique to you, your agency, your team and your brand.  You will be required to participate in providing information, content, and regular local updates and tell us what is going on in your offices.  You will have access to your dedicated account manager on WhatsApp and we will be your guide to everything social.



Jane explains the difference between bespoke and template social media

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