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Time to go threading10 Jul 2023

Last week Meta announced their newest social media platform: Threads. Instagram Threads launched at a time when Twitter users are dissatisfied with platform updates that may drive them away from the 16-year-old social network. Within 5 days Threads amassed over 100 million followers, so it is not to be sniffed at.

By utilising the success of Instagram, Meta sought to compete with Twitter by launching Threads, a new platform for distributing short-form material. Within hours of launching, Threads had garnered millions of followers, including numerous important people and verified brand accounts.

So firstly,  if you have not signed up for Threads, follow these instructions:

  • Download the Threads App
  • Log in with your Instagram account
  • Select Join Threads
  • Import your bio, links, and followers in seconds
  • Enjoy Threads

In our work with Estate Agents and Letting Agents, it is clear to see that the ‘big brands’ are on it already, although most haven’t started posting as yet!  This could be because they [like us] use a scheduling platform for posting, and with Threads being a mobile-only App, this could cause issues for those who are posting across many platforms each day, or for agencies, like ours, who rely on our desktop scheduling systems.

It is going to be interesting to see how people, or indeed estate or letting agents, split their content to incorporate Threads into the marketing mix.  So far, almost all of the content on Threads has been fairly light. While social media sites are infamous for negativity, trolls, and various degrees of bullying, Threads exudes a “let’s be nice” air, which cannot be said for the mood between the 2 owners; at the moment most of the news has been about the ‘spat’ between Elon Musk [Twitter] and Mark Zuckerberg [Threads].

So let’s take a look at a few of the differences between Threads & Twitter:

Threads, the social media app aimed at rivalling Twitter, has signed up more than 100 million users in less than five days.


The character limit on Twitter is 280, while the character limit on Threads is 500. The major objective of both platforms, however, is the same; to post brief messages that other users can view and interact with.


Social Angels Threads

The maximum number of items you can share on Threads in a single post is ten, whereas the maximum number of items you may share on Twitter is four.

Threads offer collections of photos and videos that you can see by swiping side to side so it is perfect for new property listings!

As for us, we can use this feature to showcase our top 10 client designs each day!


Since Twitter is independent of other social media sites, you can sign up using any credentials that you like. You can also remove your Twitter account at any time, which has no impact on any other social networking sites you might use.

For Threads, that is not the case. You’ll need to remove your Instagram account before you can delete your Threads account. You can, however, ‘deactivate’ or ‘take a break’ from your Threads account, and then your profile and posts will be hidden until you decide to activate it again.

It almost looks as though Threads is holding your account hostage right now, hopefully, that will change moving forward!


As mentioned above, the iOS and Android App stores are the only places where you can get Threads – it is currently a mobile-only experience.

As time goes on I shall update this page with my favourite Threads, so please email me if you come across any great ones to showcase!

And, make sure you follow @socialangelsltd where we shall be making the most of the carousel feature!


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