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Women In Estate Agency

It was a delight to be asked onto the Women in Estate Agency panel interview with the amazing (NAEA President) Liana Loporto Browne and Claire Hughes Our discussion covered so many topics, not least of all the guilt of being a working (hard-working) mum in business, and the hell of menopause. If you are a female in the estate agency industry, you should definitely join the Women in Estate Agency Facebook group!


Interview with Women In Estate Agency

For those busy ladies who really don’t have the time to sit and watch this interview in full, here are some topic timings to help you whizz through to the sections of interest!

0:00 Introduction

0:42 About Jane Gardner

5:00 Jane’s Career in Estate Agency

9:44 Digital Marketing

16:05 Get Over Yourself Get On Video

20:04 Challenges in Business as A Woman

27:34 Family Life when Building a Business

32:00 Menopause Life!

35:30 Fellowship in the Industry


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