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42 blog post ideas for estate agents5 Aug 2020

No-one ever tells you that the worst thing about becoming an adult is having to put up with the monotony of coming up with what to have for dinner every single night until the end of time. They definitely don’t tell you that the second-worst, is coming up with regular blog post ideas for your estate agency when it’s rarely a priority.

Falling into a rut and feeling deeply uninspired but half-arsing a 150 word post about the local market because you feel like you should be doing something does not make for engaging content.

Never fear though, your fairy blogmother is here to help! For once I’m going to shut up, and simply give you a long bullet-pointed list of blog post ideas you can steal and make your own.

42 Blog post ideas for estate agents

  • First time buyer jargon buster
  • Things to consider when tackling a renovation project
  • Something interesting about the history of your local area
  • An interesting story behind a property you have on your books (Haunted? Used to belong to a rock star? Has original 1940’s decor?
  • A list of properties you have for sale with lovely kitchens
  • Ways to decorate if you’re a renter
  • How to save money for a deposit
  • What is the Help to Buy Scheme?
  • Gas safety
  • Checks to make on your property before the winter cold hits
  • 10 ways to give your property a face lift before selling
  • How to make your moving-in day stress-free
  • How to find out how long the lease is left on a property and how to increase it
  • 12 indoor plants which are impossible to kill
  • What to do if you find Japanese Knotweed on your property
  • 10 ways to become a gardener if you have a small garden
  • Legislation updates
  • How to navigate the emotional roller coaster of downsizing
  • How to bleed a radiator
  • Cleaning tips (think Mrs Hinch!)
  • Attracting wildlife to your garden
  • Put the spotlight on a local charity
  • A day in the life of the property management team
  • A day in the life of the sales team
  • A day in the life of a lettings manager
  • 10 things to do if you’re thinking of building your own home
  • How to build a good relationship with your tenants
  • EICR certificates – what are they and who needs them?
  • 5 homes irresistible to bookworms (showcase properties on your books with lots of lovely bookshelves!)
  • Outdoor space: how to get bang for your buck
  • Craft ideas to keep the kids amused
  • Storage ideas for children’s toys
  • Is it OK to put Christmas decorations up if my house is on the market?
  • Have any films been made in your local area?
  • How to sell your house when you have pets
  • What to do in the event of a burst pipe
  • 20 Questions you should ask the agent on a property viewing
  • How does making an offer on a property work?
  • Your moving checklist: everything you need to do before the big day
  • Moving a fish tank: is it possible to have the keys a day early?
  • When to contact a conveyancing solicitor
  • 3 easy things to plant for beginner gardeners

Phew! There’s a few specific blog post ideas for estate agents to start you off with. A good way of looking at it, is thinking about what content people are going to find valuable, rather than thinking of your blog as a hindrance. Or, if you still feel grumpy and uninspired – hire me to do it! 

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Katie is a Freelance Copywriter living in rural Dorset with her daft old Labrador. She first started writing content for the property industry back in 2015, and loves nothing more than bringing brand voices to life!

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