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The quality of your website’s content is a mid-weighted factor in your overall SEO score. Search engines will consider how your content is structured and how it is related to other elements on your website.

We find a lot of estate and letting agents are using content that is written for numerous agencies and given to those who pay for their ‘exclusive postcode’.  This means that, other than a few changes to location names, the content is duplicated across the world wide web.  This is such a big NO-GO for search engines!

Your website’s content will be judged by how unique it is, and that is the entire article, so never sign up for this type of content if you do not want to be penalized for duplicated or plagiarised content.



A whole lot of bang for your buck

Our blog articles are optimised for Google search

This means that we will use SEO tools to optimise your blog so that Google can find it and analyse your content. This is how you can get Google or any search engine to rank your blog higher on the results list for topics and keywords or phrases that are related to your post.  Using relevant keywords and phrases is one of the most important factors for optimising your blog articles for search engines.  It is important that the search engines are able to find you easily and show your content to the digital world.


Want your articles published to your website, or shared to your social platforms? We can do that too, but pricing is a bit more bespoke depending on what sort of website you have, and how many social platforms etc.

Please note:  If you have a social media contract with Social Angels, pricing for blog articles, newsletters, area guides will be contained within your contract.  These prices apply to new clients only.

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