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How to generate more leads with your content15 Nov 2021

Content creators assemble! We all know marketing ourselves can feel like an absolute drag. It’s a mixed bag that sometimes doesn’t work out quite the way you were hoping. A great idea falling flat on its face because of the audience interaction. Here are some ways to spice up your online content and revive that deflated idea!


Blogs are a great way to add content to your website. Yet sometimes if used incorrectly they can have the reverse effect and do more harm than good. Your blog should be like the petals on a flower for bees. It should attract readers to your page so they want to look further into your company. So how do you do this? 

Look at what your blog is about. Is this right for your intended target? Could you be using a different angle to appeal to your intended target? If you are trying to appeal to a younger generation, look at what’s relevant to them now and marketing trends. Recently the use of retro and classic pop culture is a great example.  

Are you using your blog to inform, entertain or advise? Drill into what exactly your core message is and make sure it’s portrayed concisely. People generally skim-read posts to find the bit that’s relevant to them. If you’re providing pages and pages of words not relevant they will find another source. 

Make sure you are maximizing your post’s SEO by using an SEO tool like Rankmath or Yoast, if your website was built using WordPress. Research keywords for your particular field and use them within your content. Don’t pay for content that will be duplicated elsewhere across the internet, try to put out completely original blogs. This will dramatically improve your standing on Google. Increasing your visibility online will help you to generate more leads. 

Use a CTA (call to action) at the end of your blog to direct people visiting your website to where to go next. If you are giving examples of properties, provide links to their information online. Then add a button for the reader to click through and visit the relevant page. This gives the reader a direct pathway to you which should generate more positive leads. We have a great blog writing service which you can learn more about here. (See what we did there?!)

Use your blog to stand out. Find what’s good and unique about you and run with it. Not only will this set you apart from your competitors, but it also gives you an easy angle and makes you memorable.   Follow the E-A-T principle, what is that I hear you ask?  It’s not an abbreviation of “Estate Agent Today” our popular press, it is one of many guidelines Google uses to determine whether your website or blog content is valuable to your readers and whether it should rank well.  Click here for more information on E-A-T.

Website Content

Use your website like you would a shop front. When you are walking down a high street it’s the well-presented shops that are going to attract your attention. 

Pages should be relevant and not cluttered. Don’t have hoards of pictures and writing because that will not please the eye and could turn people away. Make sections for landlords, tenants, and people looking to buy or rent. 

Use your website to shine personality through and convey the company message throughout. You should make things easy to find and only use pop-up boxes where necessary. Be inviting but informative. Just like you undoubtedly are when someone walks through your branch front door.  

If you would like help writing your website content, visit our page for just that! 


Use email newsletters to reach previous and new clients alike. Add local events, information about changing legislation, or even new properties.

Just like the website, make it reflect your company voice and make it clean and not cluttered.

Divide your email list into smaller list segments connected by one or more similar factors. This way you can make sure your newsletters are relevant to a smaller group of people. This should then help with the click-through rate. 

Make sure to put thought into the subject of the email too. Studies show when you include ‘newsletter’ or ‘monthly blog’ within the subject line, it can have a negative effect on emails opened. Take a Look in your inbox. How many emails have you left unread because it’s a newsletter and you thought “I’ll read that later”, but never did? Be catchy and try to write with a sense of urgency. 

Do you want help spicing up your estate agent content?

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Katie is a Freelance Copywriter living in rural Dorset with her daft old Labrador. She first started writing content for the property industry back in 2015, and loves nothing more than bringing brand voices to life!

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