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How to grow a mailing list18 Aug 2021

We’ve written about 5 reasons you need a mailing list, but how do you build one that’s not only going to benefit you but also the client too. You’re in luck, here’s how to grow a mailing list so that you’re in control of your contacts.

Calls to Action (CTAs)

Calls to action are all about getting new potential customers to create a direct path of communication. They don’t have to be complicated or fancy, but a simple, non-irritating pop up, or a well-placed feature box on a web page accompanied by a compelling piece of copy to direct more people to sign up.

How to grow a mailing list with CTAs

Pop Ups

General: General pop ups are a good start, they can appear as you enter a landing page, or pop up once the reader gets to a certain point. They can be used as a gentle reminder that there is more on the other side for the consumer.

Timed – Timed pop ups can be one step further in terms of conversion rates. A pop up at the right time can lead to more natural sign ups and a sign up from someone who is interested in your subject matter could be more valuable than you think! 

With any kind of pop up though, it’s important to really think about when it’s going to show. If it becomes too persistent or annoying, it’ll wind people up – especially if it’s appearing to someone who has already signed up, so you need to really consider who is being shown it, and when.


The language you use in your calls to action can also influence the sign up. This is where you can let your company’s personality shine through, little bits of what’s called ‘micro copy’ like the button text, could read something like “click here to make your dreams come true”. Think light, friendly and maybe even humorous if your brand allows for it, while still giving someone a clear idea of what’s going to happen when they click. That’s part of how to grow a mailing list, you need to make sure it’s actually appealing. You might have some amazing stuff to say, but do a poor job of selling it. 


The placement of the CTA is also important. 

Mid screen – pop up CTA’s that come up mid screen can be 50/50 in terms of how they are received. Some people will find them useful and a reminder that they were going to sign up. Some however will be in the middle of reading a page, and will find them annoying and counter productive. Unfortunately there is no way to tell which person will be on the other side of the screen so this is a matter of playing it by ear and finding what works for your potential clients.

Links to the bottom of the page / article – Especially if the content is a blog, a CTA at the bottom of the screen will allow people to finish the interesting content and then sign up when they see the convenient reminder at the bottom. In longer articles, you can also use CTAs to break up the post. 

Social Media – Sharing a sign up link across socials can generate more new people as well as cement people who have already seen your social media and like it. 

About us page – A sign up on your about us page is another key place your sign up CTA should be. People will be looking to get a flavour of who you are as a company and so after reading and loving your about page they are bound to sign up, right?

To learn more about calls to action, join our Facebook group for all things Estate Agency marketing where we talk about all sorts, and answer all your burning questions!

Mailing list content

The next thing you need to consider with how to grow a mailing list, is what you’re going to be putting out to your clients that do sign up. If you can make your clients need your email every month, it’s easier for your content to matter to them. Below are some considerations: 

  • Courses
  • How to guides 
  • Industry information 
  • Competitions
  • Make them feel exclusive

The best way to get new sign ups, is to give your readers multiple opportunities to sign up, so that the ‘I’ll do that later’ becomes ‘I want to read more and get more updates’. Some of the most successful CTA’s are, of course, incentive driven, 10% off your first order, sign up now to enter this competition, as this gives the consumer the immediate gratification for signing up. 

The last thing that you can do is ask people to sign up in person, and give them the link. For estate agents, this is a really invaluable way of building a list. Most people will happily sign up when asked in person, and you could be gaining an incredible business connection. Why not have small cards with the link printed, and hand them to any new landlords who visit the office? 

So there we have it, how to grow a mailing list. If you’d like us to help with this, or creating content for you to send your mailing list, please get in touch using the form below. We live and breathe digital marketing for estate agents!

Katie is a Freelance Copywriter living in rural Dorset with her daft old Labrador. She first started writing content for the property industry back in 2015, and loves nothing more than bringing brand voices to life!

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