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International Womens Day for the Social Angels8 Mar 2023

International Womens Day for the Social Angels

I really appreciate that we have a day every year to celebrate the achievements of women everywhere – today 8th March.  However, I hope that there will come a time when we can celebrate every single day, celebrate that we have the same opportunities, the same support, the same pay, and the same status as everyone else.

Women in Estate Agency Conference

Last week I attended the very first “Women in Estate Agency” conference, and I have been in the property industry working as an estate agent, letting agent, business owner, consultant, and dogsbody since the mid-1980s – so that event has been a long time in the making!  It was a huge milestone for our industry and I was delighted it was supported by some of the really great men in our industry, heralding the achievements of some AMAZING WOMEN working in the property industry right now.  If you are a woman working in the property industry, I recommend that you click on the image and join the Facebook Group to meet some very talented ladies!

So the theme of this year’s International Womens Day #IWD2023 – which, incidentally has been around since 1911 – is #EmbraceEquity

Equity v Equality: celebrating International Womens Day 2023

  • Equality means that each person or group gets the same resources or chances in life.
  • Equity takes into account that everyone’s situation is different and gives everyone the exact resources and chances they need to reach the same result.

In terms of politics, equality is one of the things that makes democracy work. The idea behind equality is that everyone should have the same chances to live a happy life. Equity is tied to the idea that a person’s success is based on his or her own efforts, not on his or her social status.

But discussions are still going on about whether equality is enough and whether equity would be a better way to move society forward. Equity recognises that not everyone starts out in the same place and that different situations can make it harder for different people to reach the same goals.  Inequity affects a lot of people, but in the past, it has mostly hurt women, people of colour, disabled people, people with low incomes, LGBTQ+ people, and others who were already on the outside.

The goal of equity is to get rid of systemic and structural barriers that stop people from doing well.

This theme really resonated with me and made me very appreciative of the team of ladies I have working alongside me at Social Angels, and the fabulous women I have had the pleasure to work with throughout my career.

Digital marketing ladies celebrating International Womens Day 2023

Jane & Daisy

A little bit about me:

I am almost 59 years old, and I have 2 grown children and a Beagle.  I have suffered badly with menopause issues for over a decade and I often have bouts of pneumonia, so I try to walk for at least an hour a day, usually first thing in the morning, to get the old body working.  I have worked since I was 13 (I started working in my dad’s friend’s news agency selling tobacco and newspapers on Saturdays, Sundays, and 2 hours after school most nights until I started full-time work)! I attended a grammar school but my parents were older when they had me (my sisters were 16 & 19) so I didn’t want to be a burden and felt I needed to provide for myself early on.

My work ethic has been pretty intense and I am often accused of not spending enough time away from work, but I brought up my 2 children as a single mother, whilst running a busy estate agency business – and it’s hard to stop doing something you love so much.  I have lived alone since 2007 (other than the dog and plenty of other animals along the way) and I have encountered loads of inequality over the years so I fully support working women, mothers, and those who have only themselves to rely on for everything.  #GoGirls  #IndependentLadies

I think that the majority of the staff I have employed over the last 30+ years have been female.  I don’t know why this is because I always have an open mind when recruiting, but I just feel that I offer a great working environment and, having gone through my working life struggling with child care and juggling too many plates, perhaps I attract those who’s lives are also trickier than most.  I must say that I have, almost always, been rewarded with hard work, honesty, and complete commitment to the cause!

Here are the lovely ladies of Social Angels:

Digital marketing ladies celebrating International Womens Day 2023


Hattie is a mum of 2 small boys, she has recently got married and she never seems to sit still.  In her photo above is heading to the swimming drop-off with her toddlers! 

Digital marketing ladies celebrating International Womens Day 2023


Lydia is a mum of 3, and she is such a kind and caring lady, always putting herself out for others.  Lydia has suffered many health problems but she is so darn reliable and is an absolute pleasure to work with, her photo shows her heading off in the snow-covered car – she always seems to be driving somewhere! 

Digital marketing ladies celebrating International Womens Day 2023


Sarah is also a mum of 3, always on the go – scout leader, dog-walker, and brilliant PA to me.  To our dismay she is leaving to head back to her native Canada at some point this year, so we are making the most of her enthusiastic nature and willing smile! 


Jo is mum to 2 older boys, and not only does she run some of our amazing social media accounts, but she is also an inventory clerk!  Jo too has had her fair share of illness (and a few new hips) and she is always looking after someone else, despite having enough on her own plate. 

What a powerhouse of ladies we have here!

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I work all over the UK with various business owners, dedicating my creative and expert property knowledge from 35 years in the industry. I am a Level 4 ARLA Propertymark examiner, I sit on the board of Agents Giving Charity and I love everything property related! I can be contacted on 01923 627777 or by email to

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