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The Lime website was a big job, and at the time of the launch, Jane and the team had built 33 content pages, each one with a GREEN SEO ranking score, all content bespoke and written by Jane, and each with a call to action.  The site launched with 16 gravity forms, all directed to the specific member of the team to handle and all with bespoke thank you pages, giving the website viewer even more options to continue reading.  In order to launch Jane wrote 16 blog articles, again each one with a GREEN SEO score.  Such a labour of love and we were very proud to see the traffic skyrocket over the initial 6 months after the website launch.

Lime Property Website

One of the key elements of content for the Lime website was a focus on the local community, eco-friendly housing, and providing as much free information to local residents and landlords as possible.  All of the content was researched by Jane so that the team at Lime could get on with selling and letting houses while the website was being loaded with information on Hull that would be beneficial to all homeowners and tenants.

Lime property in Hull website


Within 3 months of launch, the number of valuation leads generated had increased by over 470% on the previous website.  Who would NOT be delighted with that?  The power of amazing organic search traffic and a website that retains and delights it’s viewers is easy to navigate and even has it’s own Spotify playlist to listen to while you browse!

Lime property in Hull website with its own Spotlify playlist


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