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Make Your Social Media Buzz22 Jan 2024

What’s the trick to make your social media buzz? It’s the right mix of content! 

Today we’re discussing the ever-so-lively world of social media. We’ve been sifting through some brilliant research by marketing expert Neil Patel and we’ve stumbled upon some gems that are sure to get your listings the engagement they deserve!

Short form video statistic for social mediaStraight to Video

Short-form videos command an impressive 31.38% of social media engagement. Picture this: a swift, snappy virtual stroll through a charming bungalow or a trendy flat. It’s sprightly and it’s a sure-fire way to rack up those hearts and shares! 

But let’s not put the kettle on and settle just yet. Long-form videos and live streams are still in play, with 15.51% and 12.37% engagement. They’re best for a virtual open house or a dialogue with your agents about the ins and outs of the property world.

The power of storytelling in social media can’t be overstated. For example, a mini-documentary series on Instagram or YouTube about the journey of renovating a vintage cottage can work wonders. Each episode could highlight different aspects – the challenges, the triumphs, and the transformation.

Interactive content is another ace up your sleeve. Polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions on platforms like Instagram Stories or Facebook Live can engage your audience at an impressive rate of 35.14%. Why not host a quiz about architectural styles or a poll on preferred town entertainment? These interactive sessions not only boost engagement but also provide valuable insights into your audience’s preferences.

Reading is Fundamental

social media stats for how to guides and listiclesOn the text-based engagement front, how-to guides are reigning champs, with a sturdy 38.53% engagement. Fancy sharing some advice on making a house a home or perhaps a guide to buying a property? Listicles are quite the ticket too with 32.71% engagement. Try a “Top 10 Perks of Living in [Town]” and you’re onto a winner.

As for the where, Instagram and YouTube are taking the lead for user-generated content, boasting over 28% and 27% engagement. Encourage your clients to post those key-to-new-home snaps or glowing reviews of your ace service.

In the realm of Twitter and LinkedIn, insightful threads and posts about market trends, investment tips, and property management advice can garner an engagement rate of up to 34.85%. These platforms are ideal for positioning yourself as an industry expert.

Lastly, harness the potential of influencer collaborations. Partnering with local lifestyle influencers or home improvement bloggers for Instagram takeovers or collaborative posts can amplify your reach and bring in a diverse audience. This strategy can boost your engagement by an additional 25.63%.

Our thanks goes out to Neil Patel for these engaging statistics, click here to read more.

To read more on how to engage your social media audience, read one of our many articles about strategies which will draw more attention to your brand. By blending these methods and maintaining a consistent, authentic presence on social media, you can significantly enhance the engagement and reach of your real estate business.

Whether it’s sharing a touching tale from a new homeowner or a cheeky meme about the property hunt, it’s all about packing in value with a dash of your own sparkle.

Creating a buzz on social media requires a strategic mix of content that resonates with your audience. Short-form videos, interactive polls, and how-to guides are just a few tools in your arsenal. Engaging with your audience, choosing the right platforms can further boost your social media presence.

Stay tuned for more insights and strategies to elevate your digital marketing efforts and check out our website packages for a comprehensive online presence.

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