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Optimising Online Visibility: Unravelling the Power of Local and Organic SEO for your Estate Agency26 Jul 2023

Both local SEO and organic SEO are distinct methods for enhancing online visibility, and each has advantages that are particular to an estate agency business. To further grasp the benefits of each, let’s look at their advantages:

The advantages of local SEO for real estate businesses include:

It is impossible to overstate the significance of your Google Local rating, as 92% of users choose businesses on the first page of local search results.  In the current housing market, estate agents require technology that is both effective and cost-effective for their businesses.

1. Targeted Audience: Local SEO focuses on enhancing your internet visibility to draw potential clients to your particular geographic location. This is especially advantageous for estate agents that cater to local customers.

2. Higher Conversion Rate: Local SEO focuses on local residents who are actively searching for estate or letting agency services. As a result, there is a higher likelihood that the leads produced by local SEO will become paying clients.

3. Google Business Profile: Setting up and enhancing your Google Business listing is a part of local SEO. Your listing should show up in the “Local Pack” or the map part of the search results page when users look for local estate agency services, providing your company with prominent visibility.

4. Customer Reviews: Your Google Business Profile also enables clients to rate and review your estate or letting agency. Positive feedback can increase your trust and reputation, which will draw in more potential customers.  If you respond to your reviews in a timely manner, this will also help your local organic ranking.

5. Niche Marketing: Using local SEO, you can focus on particular areas or neighbourhoods where you have experience. As a result, you can position your company in certain locations as a local property authority.

6. Mobile Traffic: Many individuals look for nearby companies on their smartphones. When customers are searching for estate agency services while on the go, local SEO makes sure that your company shows up in the mobile search results.


The advantages of organic SEO for property businesses include:

1. Wider Reach: Organic SEO works to raise your website’s overall search engine rating and increase its visibility to users outside of your immediate geographic area. If you want to draw in clientele moving from other areas or overseas investors, this is helpful.

2. Organic SEO establishes a solid basis for your internet visibility. Even though it could take some time for you to see noticeable results, your efforts will pay off in the long run.

3. Brand Authority: To prospective customers, appearing higher in organic search results frequently suggests greater authority and dependability. This might support building your estate agency’s reputation as a trusted name in the housing sector.

4. Content Marketing: Organic SEO motivates you to produce top-notch content that informs and engages your audience. Content marketing may draw in new customers, enhance user satisfaction, and promote return visits to your website.

5. Diverse Traffic Sources: In addition to Google, organic SEO can draw visitors from other search engines. Additionally, it aids in generating traffic via direct visitors, backlinks from other websites, and social media.

In conclusion, local SEO is very advantageous for estate agents who primarily serve a local market and seek to draw customers from a particular geographic area. More tailored leads and a greater conversion rate are provided. In contrast, organic SEO focuses on long-term methods for attracting a variety of traffic sources, including customers outside of your immediate area, has a wider audience, and aids in the development of brand authority. To maximise your estate agency’s online presence and draw in a wide range of potential clients, it is preferable to combine local and organic SEO strategies.

I work all over the UK with various business owners, dedicating my creative and expert property knowledge from 35 years in the industry. I am a Level 4 ARLA Propertymark examiner, I sit on the board of Agents Giving Charity and I love everything property related! I can be contacted on 01923 627777 or by email to

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