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What is a Facebook Sponsored Ad?

Something to give your brand a little zing!

These are advertisements which run across all Facebook and Instagram platforms (Meta Platforms, Inc.), they are sometimes called Business Page ads or boosted posts. Facebook sponsored ads are paid publications launched from a Facebook Business Page and shown to a targeted audience on different placements (see list below) in order to get more views, reactions, likes, shares, and comments.

Why do you need to run these?

Many people assume that if they are posting on their company Facebook page, or their company Instagram page, that automatically those posts will be seen by new people, and bring in leads automatically.  Sadly, that is not the case.   Your news feed posts are designed for people who already know your brand, and who already follow you.  Your following grows organically on these platforms, by shares, likes, comments – engagement from your current audience means that their friends & followers will potentially see your business posts.

Are ads different to boosted posts?

YES.  Whilst you need your news feed posts to give consistency to your brand, and allow you to keep in touch with those who already like your brand, using a sponsored ads campaign means you can harness the power and authority of Facebook (and Instagram, owned by Facebook) for attracting NEW BUSINESS.  Facebook compiles a lot of data about it’s members, as does Instagram, so it can show your ads to a very specific audience, and really get your brand in front of the people you are hoping to attract.  If you Boost a post on your news feed, it may be shown to more people and you will see more engagement, but it is not going to be shown to your specific audience and it will not have the impact of a sponsored ad run on your ad account.

Sponsored Ads Enquiry

Where your sponsored ads are seen on Facebook & Instagram

Mobile News Feed, Desktop News Feed, Instant Articles, Facebook in-stream video (mobile), Facebook in-stream video (image), Facebook in-stream video (desktop), Desktop right column, Facebook video feeds (Watch – Mobile), Facebook video feeds (mobile), Facebook video feeds (Watch – Home), Mobile Marketplace feed, Marketplace category feed and details page, Desktop Marketplace feed, Desktop Marketplace details page, Facebook stories, General search results (mobile), Marketplace search results (mobile), General search results (desktop), Marketplace search results (desktop), Facebook groups feed, Instagram feed, Instagram stories, Instagram Explore feed, Instagram Explore video, Audience Network interstitial, Audience Network native, Audience Network medium rectangle, Audience Network banner, Audience Network medium rectangle desktop, Audience Network rewarded video, Messenger inbox, Messenger Stories

How our ads management works

Using your Business Facebook & Ad Account we can run sponsored ads for your company to a very targeted audience.  We need you (or your website company) to ensure that your Facebook Pixel is working on your website so that we can track your current traffic for approximately 2 months in order to establish a good base for a lookalike audience.  Facebook will track interests, behaviours, likes, dislikes, age, location, job & family status and much more information, and build you a custom audience specifically for your needs.

Ads run on a pay per click basis and will be monitored daily, you can put a limit on this for each ad.  It is advisable to ensure that your target audience for each ad does not conflict with another of your own ads, as you will end up competing against yourself and paying more!

generating business with social media sponsored ads by JP Gardner and Associates Digital Agency

If you would like to receive our simple guide to building your audience avatars and generating business through social media sponsored ads, simply complete the form below.

We can prepare “avatars” for you:  £75+VAT / audience.

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The Social Magic of Targeted Ads

In order to get the most return on your ads, you should consider putting your audience into a variety of “Avatars” where you breakdown the wants & needs, along with the interests & behaviours of your different audiences.



JPGardner Facebook Sponsored Ads JPGardner Facebook Sponsored Ads


Perfect for a long-running ad campaign that you can top up the budget as you require more leads.  You need to have a dedicated landing page on your website to send the leads to so that you can track them effectively.  For information on what a landing page is, click HERE.



JPGardner Facebook Sponsored Ads JPGardner Facebook Sponsored AdsHighlight your stunning properties with ads targeted to the exact audience you want to attract.  Perfect for those properties likely to be sold to someone outside of your location, who has probably never heard of your agency.

Ensure that you complete your audience avatars carefully so that you really do hone into the people you want to see the property.



JPGardner Facebook Sponsored Ads JPGardner Facebook Sponsored AdsBe the agent known in your location for getting into the community spirit.  Ads can bring you lots of goodwill, and often recommendations from your community connections.

Here we showcase ads for local business connections and sponsoring of events in the community.


JPGardner Facebook Sponsored Ads JPGardner Facebook Sponsored AdsIf you are selling tickets or promoting an event that you are holding or participating in, there is no better way to sell out and have the best audience possible, than utilising Facebook & Instagram sponsored ads.


You will need to have a landing page where tickets can be purchased, or reserved – even if the event is free, you can provide all of the details of the event on your landing page.


JPGardner Facebook Sponsored Ads

JPGardner Facebook Sponsored AdsBuild your membership, grow your Facebook Groups, get wider following using sponsored ads.  The beauty of ads is once you have done your research, completed your different audiences for each of your ‘avatars’ you can just amend the graphics, video content, try A/B testing of different messages, colours etc and set the budget to what you have available to spend at various times of the year.  So flexible and easy to use!

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