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We have just launched a new WordPress website for Urban Property in Kingston-upon-Hull.

A mother and daughter agency, established in 2014, offering both sales and lettings.  The project took 4 months from initial discussions to going live, however, the agency was transitioning to Alto Property Software, which caused around a 4-week delay.  During that time, the website was designed to give a much more contemporary feel, the entire site creative was carried out by Jane Gardner and Emily Leung, all content written by Jane Gardner, all web coding and back-end development by Josh Thomson, and SEO by Charlie Dykes.

We launched with:

      • 29 published pages with full SEO
      • 5 published blog articles
      • 8 call to action forms
      • 220 Geo-tagged images with Alt Text
      • 9 PDF downloads

Urban property old website to new website

Websites are created in conjunction with our partner:

Our initial audit of the original Urban Property website

When a client approaches us with the idea of creating a new website, it’s crucial to first evaluate their existing setup, identify any challenges they’re encountering, and most importantly, determine what their ideal website would encompass in terms of aesthetics and features.

Websites can be vastly different, ranging from basic and templated versions to bespoke creations with a multitude of extra functionalities. Naturally, a more streamlined site will be more budget-friendly; however, this often comes at the cost of reduced search engine visibility and limited lead-generating capabilities. Such a setup might be adequate for a smaller agency with more modest objectives.

What sets us apart as specialists in property website development is our ability to offer estate and letting agents bespoke content tailored to their needs. This not only improves organic search performance but also ensures that the website ranks highly for relevant keywords and phrases.

It was clear from our initial audit, that Urban Property had very low functionality and only 50% SEO on their current site, so it was definitely a project we looked forward to working on!

Google review for Social Angels from Stacey at Urban Property

Branding and Aesthetics

It was a pleasure conversing with Stacey, one of the co-owners of Urban, to not only understand the challenges they were facing with their current website but also to capture her vision for the new one. At this juncture, we gained insights into the company’s culture. They are youthful, modern, and progressive, yet their branding seemed somewhat stuck in a temporal loop.

While a complete rebranding wasn’t on the cards (though it was discussed), their office location was undergoing a makeover, making it the perfect time to align the website with the agency’s true ‘urban’ vibe.

Eager to kick off the project, we opted for a template-based site but with a twist. The content was crafted to include specific keywords and phrases, ensuring robust SEO performance across all pages. Aesthetically, we decided to retain the signature ‘pink’, ingeniously integrating it into the website’s font as a pink script for added accents. Additionally, we toned down the black and white palette, transitioning to a softer and more contemporary shade of grey.

The old Urban Property Website

While the previous website ticked the essential boxes for an estate and letting agency platform, it lacked the flair to engage those who are more visually inclined rather than text-focused. The site offered minimal local or company-specific information, a crucial aspect often sought by potential clients during their search.

Originally part of the ‘Gnomen’ property software system, Urban Property was in the process of transitioning to Vebra Alto. This presented an excellent opportunity for a fresh start, dovetailing perfectly with their move to a new website crafted by Social Angels. The goal was to design a website that’s not just a stopgap solution but a lasting, updatable platform, eliminating the need for future replacements.

The "back-end" of our template website

Our template websites are feature-rich, offering tremendous flexibility to add various elements such as pages, posts, landing pages, forms, and tailor-made page designs that suit the content. We are passionate about visual storytelling and effective call-to-action prompts, aiming to enhance user experience by linking pages seamlessly for better navigability.

We choose to work with WordPress for its open-source nature. This allows us to readily integrate new features as they’re developed, ensuring that the site is always up-to-date. In terms of SEO, we utilise Rankmath Pro to guarantee full optimisation of all pages. Another unique selling point from Social Angels is our meticulous attention to local SEO. We geo-tag every image we source, linking it with the client’s Google Business account, and include all relevant alt-text, thereby elevating the site’s local search engine performance.

Take a look inside

We hope you love it as much as we do!

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